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Want more energy, focus, strength, endurance, drive?
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Peak Male Institute is the answer!

Where Men Find Their Peak Performance.

At Peak Male Institute, we take a very functional or holistic approach to your health rather than the standard approach of modern medicine. Instead of treating symptoms we address the underlying causes.

By treating and correcting the underlying causes of your condition, we are able to return your body to its optimal health and performance.

We Simplify Your healing Process Into Three easy Steps

Step One

You register, and complete your medical history form, we then review and schedule your physical exam.

Step Two

Based on your Medical History & Physical Exam we order comprehensive Lab Work to identify your unique biological profile.

Step Three

We deliver a unique treatment program, along with medications, shipped from the pharmacy directly to your home or office.

Let's create the results you deserve.

Unveil the essential elements behind achieving Peak Performance across all facets of your life. Acquire insights into the tactics utilized by top-tier entrepreneurs and CEOs to enhance their physical and mental capabilities for heightened energy, concentration, self-assurance, and yes, even enhanced sexuality!

With our science based individually tailored programs we will re-energize your body to look better, feel younger, more energetic and healthy.


Peak Male Institute
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Lane NelsonLane Nelson
16:50 05 Jan 23
They got me in fast! Worked with me on schedule as I drive a semi and can have a very hectic schedule! Very knowledgeable and very educational! I'll will be staying with peak for any future needs! The blood draw was painless and quick. They are getting me to my goals and then some! 10/10 would recommend! They actually care and go above and beyond to help! You can tell you're not just another checkmark here. They want you to succeed!
Laz LoLaz Lo
20:06 12 Jul 22
Dr Ron and Dr Michelle are so great thank you for such wonderful care I will be forever greatfull Thank you
M TooneM Toone
21:07 11 May 22
I have been a patient now at Peak Male Institute for about a year. I can report that it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. After taking a brief survey I had a consultation with one of the health professionals in the office. Dr. Ron explained what the process would entail and what to expect. After a through examination and review of my test results a DETAILED and easy to follow plan was developed for me. The key here is the plan is PERSONALIZED for ME. This isn’t some generic health plan pulled off the internet. It was tailored to me. I feel like a new person and have benefited from the program greatly. I have now lost over 85 lbs and feel amazing. One of the best things about the office is the knowledgeable and friendly staff. From recommendations and periodic adjustments made during my checkups, to questions and answers fielded by Dr. Michelle (a true EXPERT) make Peak Male Institute special. I have NEVER had a call or question go unanswered and the polite and professional demeanor of all the staff is incredible. While traveling last year, Dr. Ron provided his cell phone number to me and told me to call him anytime if I had any issues. That is more than just service. That is care. If I could give higher than 5 stars I would! Thank you speak Male Institute for giving me my life back!
Trenton LaFaveTrenton LaFave
02:04 27 Apr 22
Everyone here cares about you. They go through your blood work and tell you exactly what you need. I went to my doctor's before and told them, I have no energy like I use to, no drive, and they said it's all about aging. Not here they take of you. Doctor Ron is the best. From the front of the house to the back they care.
Chris NChris N
17:22 26 Apr 22
Extensive blood work, recommended a plan, and followed through with it to the end. They know what they're doing!Highly recommend.6 month follow up… I feel great!best decision I ever made. Thank you for your on going care and consultation.
Marko CoconutMarko Coconut
12:27 26 Apr 22
Dr. Ron is awesome. Started with him in 2020. Got me feeling like I was in my 20s again. With each test, we custom tailored my treatment for even better results. You'll feel amazing your first week, and it only gets better in my experience.
Peter SaxmanPeter Saxman
19:54 25 Jan 16
After some very thorough blood work and a consultation, I was given several options for treatment. I made a decision several days later and started my treatment. About 30 days into it I'm feeling more energetic, less moody and over all more focused. I have received several follow up phone calls and encouraged to call anytime I have any questions or concerns.Feeling Great!!

The inception of Peak Male Institute stemmed from my conviction that your daily demeanor, your accomplishments, and the richness of your existence are all intertwined with your well-being. By prioritizing your health, you make a steadfast pledge to embody the finest version of yourself.

Paul Seguin

Discover what is holding you back and take the first of
towards achieving your health goals.

Step One



We’ll check your medical history, discuss diet, lifestyle and health goals. This gives Peak Male Institute a better understanding of your needs. This information, along with comprehensive lab work and medical exam provides a good baseline to design your individually tailored program.

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Step Two

Physical Exam


The physical exam is a precursor to your lab analysis and blood test results. Your medical exam and blood panel will give our HRT/TRT Doctors the personalized data we need to prescribe your custom-tailored hormone replacement therapy and nutraceutical plan.

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Step Three

Lab Analysis-Diagnostics


We will order comprehensive lab work, which may include measuring testosterone, growth hormone, dihydrotestosterone, thyroid, c-reactive protein, dehydroepiandrosterone, fsh, lh, psa, homocysteine, b12, vitamin d, magnesium, and other health biomarkers to define your individual biochemistry.

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Plan Delivered

Personalized Treatment


A comprehensive plan is designed to meet your unique biological needs. Our experts will closely monitor your health, hormone levels, progress, and make any necessary adjustments. Our follow up and support system is designed to provide you with the personalized attention you need during your treatment program.

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